Cutimed products promote fast healing of various types of ulcers, chronic wounds, dermal fungal infections, skin grafts, and more. The Cutimed Alginate promotes moist wound healing and is suitable for moderate to heavily exuding wounds that are difficult to dress. Treat necrotic and sloughy tissue in chronic wounds effectively with the Cutimed Hydrogel. This clear gel creates a moist wound environment that improves wound healing. Cutimed brings to you a wide range of dressings that includes Siltec B dressing, Siltec L dressing, Siltec dressing, Siltec Sorbact dressing, and Sorbact dressing. Each dressing maintains a moist healing environment for the low, moderate, and heavy exuding wound. These highly absorbent dressings have gentle adherence that comfortably surrounds the skin and reduces the discomfort while changing the dressing.

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