Kliniderm dressings are designed for the management of exudate and create an optimized wound healing environment. These dressings are available in a range that includes Kliniderm foam silicone and Kliniderm superabsorbent. Kliniderm superabsorbent is a four-layer superabsorbent dressing that is combined with a unique patented seal. It is used to treat moderate to high exuding chronic and acute wounds. The Kliniderm foam silicone is a soft, comfortable absorbent polyurethane foam dressing with a silicone wound contact layer and a moisture-permeable film backing. It offers 7 days of wearing time. The dressing supports a moist wound healing environment and can be used under compression. Klinidern dressings are comfortable and skin-friendly. They decrease the risk of pain and damage to the wound while changing the dressing.