Melloxy Wound Gel is a brand new patented formula which combines Bulgarian mountain flower medical-grade honey and ozonated vegetable olive oil. The Melloxy formula has proven antibacterial action and is reported to be painless on application. The 40% honey in Melloxy has unique characteristics for wound healing. The effective killing of bacteria and fungi is safeguarded by the presence of antibacterial ozonated oil (11%). The Melloxy is pH4, and has a peroxide value of 40 (10 times more than average peroxide generating honey). A thinly applied layer on regular gauze, tulle or foam is all that is required. The ointment will not adhere to the wound and will dilute gradually.  

Indications for Use:

Superficial wounds, abrasions, infected wounds, burns, pressure ulcers, leg ulcers, diabetic foot ulcers, sloughy wounds, necrotic wounds, malodorous wounds, surgical wounds, donor and recipient graft sites. Can also be used as a skin barrier to avoid maceration and as a hydrating agent for dry peri-wound skin