HydroTac is a Hydro-responsive wound dressing that is integrated with an AquaClear Technology. It also contains a hydropolymer gel wound contact layer and an absorbent polyurethane foam layer. This dressing also combines absorption and moisture donation to keep wounds in a balanced moist environment, which helps them to heal more easily. The absorbent polyurethane foam layer absorbs exudate and holds it in place under compression, which reduces the possibility of maceration. Ideal for the treatment of wounds in the granulation and epithelialisation stage of healing. HydroTac Comfort has all of the benefits of Hydrotac plus an acrylic adhesive border, making it an all-in-one dressing for waterproof wound protection. The use of an absorbent foam dressing decreases the risk of maceration by removing exudate rapidly and effectively. A moist healing environment is provided by the hydrogel wound contact sheet, which speeds wound healing. It is also gentle on fragile skin.

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