Bactigras® dressing consists of leno-weave fabric, impregnated with soft paraffin BP that contains 0.5% of chlorhexidine acetate BP. Chlorhexidine is an antimicrobial agent that works actively against a wide array of gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria, but inactive against spores, viruses, and fungi. Such a dressing is used in skin loss lesions to avoid infection. The soft paraffin dressings can decrease wound infection and inflammation. It has low adhesiveness and allows the wounds to drain fully into an absorbent secondary dressing. This dressing is suitable for covering different wounds such as lacerations, minor burns, graft sites, abrasions, and leg ulcers. It can also be used along with other antibacterial topical and systemic agents. BACTIGRAS can be also used as an adjunct to systematic antibiotic therapy. This dressing is available in different sizes such as 5cm x 5cm and 10cm x 10cm.