Melolin dressing is a low-adherent absorbent perforated plastic film dressing that is designed for the management of different wounds such as surgical wounds, abrasions, and minor burns. It consists of a poly film onto which an absorbent layer is bonded that contains a mixture of cotton and polyacrylonitrile fibres and is backed with a layer of an apertured non-woven cellulose fabric. The plastic film prevents the dressing from sticking to the wound surface and also helps decrease trauma for casualty upon removal. If backed with a second absorbent dressing, this dressing can be used as a primary wound contact layer for heavily exudating wounds. It offers patients comfort and is safe to use. This dressing can be secured in place with surgical tape. This dressing is available as 5cm x 5cm, 10cm x 10cm and 10cm x 20cm.