This Adhesive Remover Spray and Adhesive remover Wipe Pack by Dansac is made with a silicone-based solution which helps in the comfortable removal of adhesive dressings with least pain. This adhesive spray is made with a sting free formula to ensure a pain-free and quicker removal of dressings or stoma appliances from the patient’s skin. This product is made with an alcohol-free formula which is safe for the skin and prevents stinging and irritability after removal of dressings. This product by Dansac is available in two very efficient and useful variants – as a spray, which can be applied on any part of the body with any angle and comes with a bag-in-can technology that helps minimise wastage of the spray. The other variant is a pack of 30 sting-free wipes which are ideally used for removing any leftover adhesive residue. The spray can has a compact design that can be used in a 360-degree angle.