Cliifilm skin protective range by CD Medical helps shield your skin against the harmful effects of body fluids from wounds or adhesive residues from dressings. It is ideal to use in case of application of Stoma appliances, wounds with oozing fluids and continence care along with the parts of the skin that might be at risk of damage from these fluids. With a dry-fast technology, Clinifilm makes a barrier like a transparent film over the skin, to provide long lasting protection along with a secure adhesion for stoma appliances or wound dressings. Another suitable use for Clinifilm is to be used with incontinence pads without hindering their performance. It is available in four variants- 50ml Clinifilm skin protective spray with no cold propellants and a compact size for easy spraying at any angle, a pack of 30 Clinifilm sterile wipes, Clinifilm Barrier cream tube (28g) and Clinifilm Barrier Cream tube (100g).