Allevyn Ag

Allevyn™Ag Dressing combine the properties of Allevyn™ with the anti-microbial activity of Silver. It has a unique tri-layer construction that enables optimal fluid handling to support moist wound healing and the addition of SSD to the foam pad provides a broad spectrum of bacterial kill in-vitro. All the three dressings types – ALLEVYN Ag Adhesive, ALLEVYN Ag Gentle Border, and ALLEVYN Ag Non- Adhesive, are comfortable for patients, conform to body contours, and are easy to apply. Allevyn promotes rapid wound closure, less potential for leakage and odour, prevents healing tissue from growing into the dressing, minimizing pain on removal, and maintains a moist wound interface. It is ideal for exuding wounds and has seven-day wear time. This triple-layered dressing is easy to apply and remove and is waterproof.