Revamil Balm

Revamil has brought to you this easy to apply and easy to use product to help your skin heal better and faster. The honey flavour Revamil Balm acts as a great protectant from soreness and itching on the skin that comes along with the application of wound dressings. This balm protects skin from itching and soreness that is caused by irritation. By using this Honey Balm, the wounds on your skin will heal faster and the redness from itching constantly is reduced along with the itchy sensation and irritation. Thus, it helps in avoiding long term damage to the skin and scarring on the skin. This balm is made with medical grade honey which is safe to apply and helps lock moisture in the skin. It kills bacteria and reduces odour that comes from wounds. It is made with all-natural ingredients and can be used on all age groups and skin conditions. It comes in two variants; a 15g tube and a 50g tube.