Rosidal K

Rosidal K is a high-quality 100% cotton short-stretch compression bandage that is designed for the management of acute and chronic edema, venous insufficiency, venous hypertension, and lymphedema. It is air permeable and latex-free. Made of soft and skin-friendly cotton, it offers both compression and resistance to stretch that helps the lymphatic system to move the fluid out of the limb. The unique textured fabric structure helps each layer of this multi-layered compression bandage to stick tightly to each other. Rosidal K is reusable and machine washable. It also has high working pressure and low resting pressure that makes it effective for both day or night and high or low activity. This high compression bandage is available in different sizes such as 6cm x 5m, 8cm x 5m, 10cm x 5m, and 12cm x 5m. in a pack size of 1.