Adaptic Touch

Adaptic Touch Dressing is a flexible, Non-Adherent wound contact layer dressing comprising of a mesh coated with soft tack silicone. It is used for dry to heavily exuding, partial and full-thickness chronic wounds. Its small pore size minimizes secondary dressing adherence to the wound bed suitable for use on first- and second- degree burns, surgical wounds, venous, pressure, and diabetic ulcers. Adaptic Touch can be cut to size and the dressing will not unravel or shed fibres. The advanced mesh design with smaller pore size allows exudates to pass freely through to the secondary dressing, reduces the possibility of maceration, and minimizes secondary dressing adherence to the wound. It is quite easy to use and remove and does not cause any pain during use or upon removal. Adaptic Touch Dressing can be left in place for several days. It is available in 4 sizes.