Adaptic Touch Dressings

Adaptic Touch is a Non-Adherent low tack silicone wound contact layer dressing.The Low Tack Silicone assists in dressing application,removal and conformability. Adaptic Touch is suitable for use on Pressure, Venous diabetic ulcers , burns and surgical wounds

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Product Description: 
Adaptic Touch Dressings are advanced non-adherent silicone dressings that provide a gentle and effective wound healing environment. These dressings, manufactured by a reputable brand, are designed to promote wound healing while minimizing pain and trauma during dressing changes.

Adaptic Touch

Non-adherent silicone dressings

Adaptic Touch Dressings are suitable for use on a variety of wounds, including surgical wounds, abrasions, lacerations, and superficial burns. They can be used as a primary dressing or as a protective layer over a primary dressing.

The dressings are made of a soft silicone wound contact layer and a perforated silicone-coated polyester backing.

•    The silicone wound contacts layer is non-adherent, which lessens discomfort associated with dressing changes and adherence to the wound bed.
•    Skin-friendly: The supple and conformable material guarantees patient comfort and guards against harming sensitive skin.
•    Breathable: The perforated backing permits ideal moisture vapour diffusion, fostering a moist environment for wound healing.
•    Simple application: The dressings are simple to put on and take off, making it convenient for both patients and medical staff.

Adaptic Touch Dressings are indicated for use on wounds with minimal to moderate exudate, including postoperative wounds, superficial burns, and donor sites.

Directions for use:
•    Follow the standard wound care protocol to clean and disinfect the wound.
•    Ensure the wound bed is dry before applying the dressing.
•    Remove the release film from the dressing.
•    Apply the adhesive side of the dressing to the wound, ensuring complete coverage.
•    Fix the dressing with a secondary dressing or other fixation method.
•    Change the dressing as per healthcare professional's recommendation or when clinically indicated.

Store the dressings away from direct sunlight in a dry, cool place. Avoid excessive heat or humidity.

•    For external use only.
•    Do not use the dressing if the package is damaged or expired.
•    Avoid applying the dressing directly over heavily bleeding wounds or wounds with signs of infection.
•    Discontinue use if any signs of irritation or allergic reactions occur and seek medical advice.
•    Follow healthcare professional's instructions for wound care management and dressing changes.

Expiry date: 
Please refer to the packaging or label for the specific expiry date of the product.

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