Hydrocoll is a gelatin-free self-adhesive hydrocolloid dressing bandage with a semi-permeable polyurethane backing. When in contact with wound exudates, the hydrocolloids turn into a gel and create a moist environment that promotes granulation and epithelialization. This dressing is skin-friendly and offers high comfort to the wearer with its highly flexible material. The flattened edges ensure perfect seating and also prevents premature loosening. The sturdy hydrocolloid matrix leaves no gel residues in the wound. During the epithelialisation phase, the thinner hydrocolloid dressing with the lower absorption capacity is used preferably. Hydrocoll has high, immediate adhesion properties. The gel layer ensures that it doesn’t stick to the wounds. It is used for the treatment of light to moderately exuding wounds. It is available in two variants Hydrocoll Border Dressings and Hydrocoll Thin Dressings