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Urgosorb Border
Posted on August 20, 2020 by admin
The Urgosorb Borderis an absorbent dressing giving effects of calcium alginate fibres and hydrocolloid particles. After contact with exudate, sodium and calcium ions are exchanged between wound and dressing. It maintains a moist environment that facilitates the healing process in the wound. It absorbs exudate, drains and softens necrotic debris on the wounds. It activates platelets and promotes haemostasis of...
UrgoKtwo Kit
Posted on August 20, 2020 by admin
The UrgoKtwo kitis a two-layer compression system that evenly distributes pressure between dynamic bandages. It features the PresSure system (pressure indicator) to provide the correct level of pressure all over the area. The first layer gives reliable compression with maximum comfort. Its second layer holds this system in place and prevents accidental slippage. Key Benefits of UrgoKtwo kit: It facilitates...
Opsite Flexifix Tape
Posted on August 20, 2020 by admin
Opsite Flexifix Tape is a waterproof tape for medical uses. It is a transparent adhesive film which can be easily applied to awkward areas of the body and can also be used to place dressings. The look and feel of the tape is like a plastic tape and it can be worn up to seven days. It is perfect to...

Customer Testimonials
  • Algivon Dressings

    Good product as my wound is now appearing to successfully heal after weeks of trying different products. It is messy however as the dressings weep when the honey reaches body temperature and extra dressings need to be applied. But nevertheless would highly recommend as this is a small price to pay when you see the results after such a short time especially with my very slow healing skin.


  • Tubifast Yellow Line

    Tubifast yellow bought for my PICC line covering. Both lateral and horizontal stretch. Far better and more comfy than that given to me at the hospital that only has one way stretch. Will buy again.



  • Cavilon Barrier Cream

    It’s my first experience with this seller and delivery was prompt 


  • Actilite Dressings

    These are really good for what I wanted them to do they have helped to heal my wound like nothing else has till now


  • DuoDerm Dressings

    Delivered fairly quickly and in good packaging. Can't fault product, have applied patch easily and it has stayed put. Very happy so Thank You 


  • Siltape Silicone Tape

    Really gentle to use on delicate skin with enough adhesion to do the job


  • Mepilex Border Dressings

    I’ve used these in the work I do for 20 years- they are amazing and they breathe.


  • Duoderm Dressings

    Helped heal my blister.


  • Actilite Dressing

    So far we have found this an excellent product. Bought for a wound on my mother in law's leg in just 24 hours there was a dramatic difference in the appearance of the wound for the better.

    - Susan

  • Actilite Dressings

    I've had these prescribed for leg ulcers and they helped. I now have 2 nasty leg injuries being treated with antibiotics and I'm hoping that these dressings will help heal and prevent leg ulcers.