Hydrofilm is a self-adhesive post-operative dressing for the fixation on medical devices and offers protection of epithelialisation. It is made of a semi-permeable polyurethane film that is waterproof and impermeable to bacteria. The elasticity of the film ensures that the dressing aligns with the curves of the body easily. It also has rounded corners that avoid the roll up and also extend the wearing time. With a hypoallergenic polyacrylate adhesive, the dressing can be removed easily to avoid any wound irritation. It also has an absorbent, non-stick pad that wicks exudate away without sticking to the wound. Hydrofilm can be used as a secondary dressing and protects against physical damage for dry primary wounds and healed epithelial wounds. It is available in two variants Hydrofilm dressings and Hydrofilms Plus Dressings.