Peel-Easy is a way to painlessly remove medical adhesives from the skin without damaging it or causing trauma like the conventional methods would. Peel-easy is made with a silicon-based solution which medically removes the adhesive residues from the skin gently and painlessly. When the skin needs to get ready for the next application of dressings or stoma appliance, the Peel-Easy silicone compound gently removes adhesives without causing irritation or damage to the fragile and sensitive skin. This product is available in two convenient variants. One is the Peel-Easy Adhesive Remover Spray that comes in a compact bottle with 50ml quantity. It is non propellant and hence, does not feel chill or sting the skin on application. The second is Peel-Easy Adhesive Remover Wipes which come in a pack of 30 sterile wipes and are ideal for removing adhesive that has built up on the skin with the prolonged application of dressings or stoma appliances.