Easifix bandages are smooth, breathable, and lightweight bandages that are made from polyamide and viscose. Durable and are highly comfortable, these bandages with soft edges prevent fraying. These bandages also minimise the risk of the bandage cutting into the skin. Featuring both elastic and cohesive properties, they are suitable for people with adhesive allergies, as they have latex coating that makes sure that the bandage adheres only to itself and not the skin of the patient. They also offer great moisture vapour permeability and are highly stretchable and can decrease the risk of limb constriction. These bandages also minimise the risk of skin maceration and permit air circulation. A safe remedy even for awkward physical contours that do not limit functional motion or circulation of the blood. These dressing are available in different sizes like 5cm x 4m, 7.5cm x 4m, 10cm x 4m and 15cm x 4m.