The Appeel Adhesive Remover spray and wipes can be used for the removal of adhesive dressings. Stoma pouches and their accessories are often applied and removed, which may cause peri-stomal skin damage and discomfort. The use of Appeel Adhesive Remover Spray and wipes help you to protect the skin while lowering the risk of peri-stomal skin damage and distress from frequent stoma bag changes. These products are painless and cause no skin damage, allowing you to remove adhesive dressings from both intact and broken skin with ease. They can easily be used on the fragile skin of babies and the elderly. They also dry easily, allowing new appliances to stick to the surface immediately. These products are also gentle on the skin and don’t cause any infection. They are also alcohol-free and contain healthcare grade silicones. These products are latex, fragrance and preservative-free.