Algivon is a soft alginate dressing that is impregnated with 100% Manuka honey. The alginate fibres allow the honey to be released slowly over time. Algivon is an excellent choice for wetter wounds due to the limited ability of the alginate to absorb, ensuring that the honey is not washed away with exudate, thus remaining longer at the wound site. It also keeps the wound moist and creates an ideal environment for healing. Manuka honey has anti-bacterial properties that kill harmful bacteria and also eliminates odour without masking them. Comfortable and easy to use, Algivon dressing can be placed side-by-side to cover the large wound areas or can be cut to the desired size using sharp scissors. It is used for low to moderately exuding wounds, surgical wounds, diabetic ulcers, leg pressure, and infected wounds. It is available in two variants: Algivon Dressings and Algivon Plus Dressings. Algivon Plus reinforced dressing is also available in a ribbon shape of ease of use on cavity wounds.