Mepore is a self-adhesive absorbent dressing that is specially designed to offer protection against a wide range of wounds. It has an absorbent wound pad that is located centrally on a piece of apertured, non-woven polyester fabric coated with a layer of an acrylic adhesive. This dressing is skin-friendly and keeps the wound clean that decreases the risk of wound contamination. It is also air-permeable that prevents maceration and promotes comfort. The dressing is secured by two pieces of overlapping release film that is easy to remove and allows the aseptic application. It can be used for different lightly exuding superficial or post-operative wounds, especially those on joints or awkward body contours. This dressing is available in five variants such as Mepore Absorbent Dressings, Mepore Film & Pad Dressings, Mepore Film Dressing, Mepore IV Film Dressings, and Mepore Ultra Dressings.