Sorbsan Silver includes all the properties of Sorbsan and silver alginate fibres that help in controlling the infection from the wound. There are two Sorbsan silver dressings; Sorbsan Silver Flat Dressings and Sorbsan Silver Plus. The Sorbsan Silver Flat Dressing is a calcium alginate dressing that comprises 1.5% silver alginate fibres. It is a highly conformable dressing that effectively helps in managing the infection. This absorbent flat dressing has a unique gelling action for faster healing and creates a moist wound healing environment. The gelled fibres can be washed with normal saline for faster pain free removal. The Sorbsan Silver Plus has a Sorbsan contact layer with silver and a highly absorbent, thin viscose pad. It is used on the wounds that have a risk of becoming infected. Both these dressings are used for moderate to heavy exuding wounds. They are available in different sizes.