Alginate Dressings are made from seaweed and are used to treat heavily exuding wounds.Alginate dressings can absorb up to 20 times their own weight in fluid. Alginate Dressings are also available in combination with Honey or Silver to treat exuding infected woundsThey are available as a sheet dressing or as a rope dressing for use in cavilty wounds.Alginate dressings are not suitable for use on dry wounds, heavily bleeding wounds and third degree burns.

Sorbsan Silver includes all the properties of Sorbsan and silver alginate fibres that help in controlling the infection from the wound. There are two Sorbsan silver dressings; Sorbsan Silver Flat Dressings and Sorbsan Silver Plus. The Sorbsan Silver Flat Dressing is a calcium alginate dressing that comprises 1.5% silver alginate fibres. It is a highly conformable dressing that effectively helps in managing the infection. This absorbent flat dressing has a unique gelling action for faster healing and creates a moist wound healing environment. The gelled fibres can be washed with normal saline for faster pain free removal. The Sorbsan Silver Plus has a Sorbsan contact layer with silver and a highly absorbent, thin viscose pad. It is used on the wounds that have a risk of becoming infected. Both these dressings are used for moderate to heavy exuding wounds. They are available in different sizes.