UrgoKTwo is a two-layer compression bandage system that combines elastic and inelastic components. UrgoKTwo bandages can provide sustained graduated compression for up to seven days. The first layer has a short-stretch bandage that offers stiffness, absorbency and 80% of the pressure, while the second layer is an elastic, cohesive bandage that keeps the system in place and also offers additional compression. UrgoKTwo bandages offer the right pressure level from the very first application due to its etalonnage system. An UrgoKTwo bandage is used for the management of active or healed venous leg ulcers, lymphedema, and severe oedema in chronic venous insufficiency. This bandage system is easy and comfortable to use. The bandages are available in different kits such as UrgoKTwo Kit, UrgoKTwo Reduced and UrgoKTwo Start Kit in various sizes.