UrgoKTwo Reduced Compression Kit

UrgoKTwo Reduced is a two layer compression kit designed to aid the application of an average of 20mmHg for patients unable to tolerate full compression.

The Kit consist of 2 seperate bandages of 10cm width and two sizes depending on ankle width.

  • K Tech Lite( 1st Layer) which is a composite layer formed of wadding and short stretch compressive fabric
  • K Press ( 2nd Layer ) which is a cohesive elastic bandage

Latex-Free kits are also available.

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Product Description: UrgoKTwo Reduced is a specially designed two-layer compression kit that facilitates the application of an average pressure of 20 mmHg. This kit is particularly beneficial for patients who may find full compression challenging or intolerable.

Brand: UrgoK

Type: Compression Bandage Kit

Usage: The UrgoKTwo Reduced Kit is utilised for compression therapy, specifically catering to patients who require a reduced pressure of around 20 mmHg. It comprises two separate bandages, each serving a unique function in the compression application process.

•    The UrgoKTwo Reduced Kit includes two bandages:
•    K Tech Lite (1st Layer): A composite layer consisting of wadding and short-stretch compressive fabric.
•    K Press (2nd Layer): A cohesive elastic bandage.

•    Reduced Compression: The kit is designed to apply an average pressure of 20 mmHg, suitable for patients unable to tolerate full compression.
•    Dual-Layer System: Comprising two separate bandages, each fulfilling a specific role in the compression application.
•    Bandage Width and Size Options: Available in a 10cm width with two size variations based on ankle width.
•    Latex-Free Option: Kits with latex-free bandages are also available for those with latex sensitivities.

Directions for Use:
•    Apply the K Tech Lite (1st Layer) bandage as the initial step, ensuring proper coverage over the targeted area.
•    Follow with the application of the K-Press (2nd Layer) cohesive elastic bandage to achieve the desired reduced compression.
•    Choose the appropriate kit size and bandage width based on the patient's ankle width.

K Two Reduced Kit is indicated to be used for the treatment and management of of mixed aetiology leg ulcers and associated oedema and for patients who are intolerant of full compression.

Severe arterial disease (ABPI

Store the UrgoKTwo Reduced Kit in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight. Adhering to proper storage conditions helps maintain the integrity and effectiveness of the bandages.


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