The Suprasorb Dressings are used for healing various wound types at different stages during the healing process. The Suprasorb A + AG Dressing and Suprasorb A Dressing are non-woven calcium alginate dressings that promote fast healing of heavy exuding infected wounds. They are used for treating deep and superficial wounds like leg ulcers, skin donor, skin graft sites and more. Suprasorb C dressing is a collagen dressing that has high absorbing and binding properties. It stays fixed at its position for up to 3 days. This biodegradable dressing is used for chronic wounds like pressure ulcers, burns, diabetic foot ulcers and more. The Suprasorb X + PHMB Dressings and Suprasorb X Dressings are suitable for light to moderate exudates wounds. All these Suprasorb dressings are available in different sizes.