Easifix K

Easifix K bandages are highly elastic and flexible bandages that work well for the fixation of dressings on all parts of the body, especially for joints. Made from a combination of viscose and polyamide, this highly conformable, knitted retention bandage offers utmost comfort to the patient and finished edges prevent fibre shedding. Since it has an open-loop structure, it decreases the risk of skin maceration. Featuring non-fraying finished edges, the bandages also ensure secure fixation of dressings. The two-way stretchable design of Easifix K bandages makes them perfect to fit all body contours. This bandage is available in a variety of sizes and width such as 2.5cm x 4m, 5cm x 4m, 7.5cm x 4m, 10cm x 4m and 15cm x 4m in a pack size of 1.