K-Four is a multi-layer compression bandage system that is specially designed for the treatment of venous leg ulcers. This K-Four kit includes the following bandages, including K-Soft sub-compression viscose /polyester wadding, K-Lite light support type 2 bandage, K-Plus type 3a light support bandage, Ko-Flex cohesive bandage, and K-ThreeC Type 3c for providing extra pressure for ankles over 25cm. These bandages provide a gold standard for compression therapy. They can also absorb fluid and redistribute pressure. They also improve Venous return and give ankle pressure of 40mm Hg. The reduced compression offered by these bandages is useful for the patient who is unable to withstand full compression. Highly soft and comfortable, these bandages are used to treat unmanageable hard-to-heal ulcers. These cohesive bandages also offer additional compression and help manage the position of other layers.