Urgosorb® is a range of absorbent dressing that is composed of hydrocolloid particles and calcium Alginate fibres. This dressing promotes wound healing by using its component and forming a gel on contact with wound exudate. It also absorbs the exudate from highly exuding wounds and maintains a favourable moist environment for the healing process. The advantage of this dressing is that it can be removed in one go without any pain. The high comfort allows for immediate adaptation to the wound surface. Through platelet activation, this dressing enhances primary haemostasis of acute and chronic bleeding wounds. It can soften and drain the necrotic debris during the sloughly and granulation stages of the moist necrosis. This dressing can be used under compression. With the natural haemostatic properties of calcium alginate, it can control the minor bleeding in superficial acute and chronic wounds. It is available in two variants, Urgosorb dressings and Urgosorb Silver Dressings.