CovaWound is a proven quality, multipurpose dressing range that is suitable for both chronic and acute wounds. Designed for ease of application and comfort, these dressings create a moist healing environment over the wound and promote quick healing. They are most often used for treating exuding wounds like superficial partial-burns, pressure ulcers, diabetic ulcers, donor sites, post-operative wounds, and others. The CovaWound wound dressing range offers a range of advanced wound care dressings, which include Alginate, Foam, Hydrocolloid, Silicone and Superabsorbent dressings. CovaWound Alginate is a flat non-woven pad that is suitable for medium to heavy exuding wounds. CovaWound Foam dressings provide a maximum moist healing environment and are best for low to moderate exuding wounds. CovaWound Hydrocolloid dressings with a breathable polyurethane film backing absorb exudate and form a cohesive gel. CovaWound Silicone dressings are highly absorbent and comprise a soft silicone adhesive that does not stick to the surface of the wound. CovaWound Superabsorbent dressings have a non-woven fibre top layer that offers optimal fluid absorption.

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