Biatain® includes an extensive range of foam dressings used for different wound types. Used under the compression bandaging, Biatain Adhesive is polyurethane foam dressing with hydrocolloid adhesive and vapour-permeable film backing. Biatain AG Adhesive is a soft, conformable silver foam dressing that is suitable for bacteria present in infected wounds. Biatain Ag Non-Adhesive is a flexible absorbent polyurethane foam that includes patented silver complex. It releases silver consistently for seven days on the infected wound. Biatain Alginate is a highly absorbent dressing used for moderate to heavy exuding wounds. Biatain Alginate AG contains silver ions that consistently releases for healing exuding wound. Biatain IBU is a non-adhesive absorbent foam dress that has ibuprofen. Other dressings offered by Biatain are non-adhesive dressings, silicone dressings, soft hold dressings, super adhesive dressings, and super non-adhesive dressings.