Biatain Ag Adhesive Dressings

Biatain Ag Adhesive is a soft, conformable silver foam dressing with a patented silver complex and a hydrocolloid adhesive border. Biatain Ag is effective on all bacteria commonly found ininfected wounds.

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Biatain® Ag Adhesive Dressings are advanced wound care solutions that combine the benefits of absorbency and antimicrobial action to promote effective wound healing. These dressings are designed to provide an optimal wound environment while actively managing exudate and preventing infection. With their unique combination of features, Biatain® Ag Adhesive Dressings support faster healing and overall wound well-being.


Biatain® Ag Adhesive Dressings

Biatain® Ag Adhesive Dressings are suitable for use in a range of wound types, including:

- Chronic wounds
- Acute wounds
- Surgical wounds
- Leg ulcers
- Pressure ulcers
- Diabetic foot ulcers

These dressings are composed of a soft and absorbent core infused with silver ions. The silver ions provide sustained antimicrobial action, aiding in reducing bacterial load within the wound environment and supporting infection control.

- The absorbent core efficiently controls wound exudate, preserving a suitable balance of moisture for healing.
- The dressing's silver ions aid in controlling bacterial growth and provide an antiseptic wound environment.
- Adhesive border minimises dressing displacement while ensuring stable fixing.
- A non-adherent wound contact layer reduces trauma while changing a bandage.
- Maintains a moist environment around the area to aid in healing.

Biatain® Ag Adhesive Dressings are particularly suitable for the management of:

- wounds that are infected or in danger of becoming infected
- wounds with variable exudate levels
- wounds that need antibacterial treatment
- full-thickness to partial-thickness wounds

Directions for Use:
- Cleanse the wound and the surrounding skin using a suitable wound cleanser and dry the area.
- Choose a Biatain® Ag Adhesive Dressing that adequately covers the wound.
- Peel off the protective backing and apply the adhesive side to the wound, ensuring full coverage.
- Gently smooth down the edges to ensure proper fixation.
- Replace the dressing based on the wound condition and the healthcare professional's recommendations.

Keep Biatain® Ag Adhesive Dressings out of direct sunlight in a cool, dry location. To ensure sterility, keep them in their original packaging.

- If itchiness or allergic responses develop, stop using the product.
- For advice on particular wound care, speak with a medical expert.
- During application, try not to stretch the dressing too much.
- If the package has been tampered with or is broken, do not use it.

Expiry Date:
The Biatain® Ag Adhesive Dressings' precise expiration date may be found on the product container. Use of the dressings beyond this date is prohibited.

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