Biatain Ibu Dressings

Biatain Ibu is a soft non-adhesive flexible absorbent foam dressing containing ibuprofen which together combine wound healing with local release of ibuprofen. The Ibuprofen is released when the foam comes in contact with the wound exudate.

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Introducing Biatain Ibu Dressings, an innovative solution for wound care that marries the benefits of foam dressings with the healing power of Ibuprofen. These dressings are engineered to enhance the wound healing process while providing comfort and pain relief.

Biatain Ibu Dressings are ideal for managing moderately to highly exuding wounds, including leg ulcers, pressure ulcers, second-degree burns, donor sites, postoperative wounds, and skin abrasions. They can also be used effectively under compression therapy, ensuring that the wound is treated optimally.

•    Dual Action: Biatain Ibu Dressings offer a two-fold benefit by addressing both wound exudate management and pain relief.
•    Pain Reduction: The Ibuprofen in the dressings helps alleviate pain and discomfort associated with wound management.
•    Highly Absorbent: These dressings efficiently handle exudate, maintaining a moist wound environment conducive to healing.
•    Conformable: Biatain Ibu Dressings conform to the wound bed's shape, ensuring optimal coverage and contact.
•    Easy Application: They are easy to apply and remove, minimizing patient discomfort during dressing changes.

Biatain Ibu Dressings are indicated for use on wounds that require pain relief and anti-inflammatory action, such as:
•    Leg ulcers
•    Pressure ulcers
•    Second-degree burns
•    Donor sites
•    Postoperative wounds
•    Skin abrasions
They are also suitable for use under compression therapy, ensuring comprehensive wound care.

Directions for Use:
•    Cleanse the wound according to healthcare professional guidelines.
•    Select an appropriately sized Biatain Ibu Dressing to cover the wound adequately.
•    Apply the dressing directly to the wound bed, ensuring full contact.
•    Secure the dressing in place with an appropriate secondary dressing or bandage.
•    Change the dressing as directed by healthcare professionals, typically every 1-3 days, or as required based on exudate levels.


Foam Dressings with Ibuprofen

Each Biatain Ibu Dressing contains Ibuprofen, a renowned anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving medication. This unique combination promotes pain relief at the wound site while reducing inflammation.

Biatain Ibu Dressings should be kept out of direct sunlight in a cool, dry location. Prior to usage, keep the container tightly closed.

•    These dressings should be used under the guidance of a healthcare professional.
•    Avoid using if the packaging is damaged or compromised.
•    Biatain Ibu Dressings are not suitable for patients sensitive to NSAIDs (Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs).
•    Avoid using with oxidizing solutions such as Hydrogen Peroxide.
•    Do not use during pregnancy.

Expiry Date:
The actual expiration date is listed on the container. If a product's expiration date has come and gone, do not use it.



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