The Secura Barrier Film from Smith and Nephew, as the name suggests, is a liquid solution that forms a barrier around the skin. It protects the skin and minimises stinging and irritation on the skin. The Secura No-Sting Barrier Film forms a protective layer on the skin when applied to the damaged or wounded part, which helps it in keeping the damaged skin intact for up to 96 hours against the bodily fluids and the puss that oozes out from the wounds. This product is made with an alcohol-free solution that is safe for medical use as it creates a protective interface of sorts on the damaged or trauma-ridden part of the skin. It is available in three variants. The compact Secura Barrier Film pump spray (28ml), Secura Barrier Film Foam Applicator (1ml) pack of 5, Secura Barrier Film Foam Applicator (3ml) pack of 5, and Secura Barrier Film Wipes pack of 50 sterilized wipes.