Granuflex™ is an adhesive Hydrocolloid dressing with an outer layer of polyurethane foam. It creates an occlusive moist wound environment that promotes healing of low to moderately exuding wounds. The hydrocolloid composition of granuflex dressing creates a cohesive gel that supports moist healing when in contact with a moist wound. It also offers bacterial and viral barrier. When applied to wounds that involve dry slough or necrosis, the dressing prevents the loss of water vapour from the skin's surface, essentially rehydrating the dead tissue, which is then removed by autolysis. It is used for the treatment of chronic wounds such as pressure ulcers and leg ulcers and acute wounds such as traumatic wounds, minor abrasions, lacerations, partial thickness burns, and donor sites. This dressing is available in two variants, Granuflex Bordered Dressings and Granuflex Dressings.