Granuflex Dressings

Granuflex™ is an adhesive Hydrocolloid Dressing with an outer layer of polyurathane foam. Granuflex Dressings are suitable for use on chronic and acute wounds eg Pressure elcers , Leg Ulcers, minor abrasions and lacerations

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Chronic wounds: pressure ulcers (categories I–IV), leg ulcers. Acute wounds: traumatic wounds (minor abrasions, lacerations), burns (first and second degree), dermatological excisions, surgical wounds (postoperative wounds, donor sites).


The dressing may be used on infected wounds under medical supervision, with frequent monitoring of the wound and with appropriate antimicrobial treatment. Removal of necrotic tissue from a wound will initially make the wound larger. In the presence of anaerobic infection occlusive dressings are not recommended. Hyper-granulation of the wound can occur, also allergic reactions have been reported. Excess wound exudate requiring frequent dressing changes indicates that a more absorbent dressing should be considered.

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