Suprasorb X + PHMB Dressings

Suprasorb X + PHMB Dressings has all the moisture regulating properties of Suprasorb X plus PHMB, a broad spectrum antibacterial compound. suitable for use on light to moderately exuding infected wounds.

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Light to moderately exuding, superficial and deep, critically colonised and infected wounds in all phases of healing, including leg ulcers of various origins, pressure ulcers, diabetic foot ulcers, partial-thickness burns, postoperative wounds and skin donor and skin graft sites. Well tolerated, does not affect healthy cells and is thus suitable for longer term use where necessary. Can be cut or folded to shape/size of the wound. Consider using a film as a secondary dressing.


Known sensitivity to PHMB or any component of the dressing.

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