Mepore Absorbant Dressings

Mepore® is a gentle, secure and long lasting self adhesive dressing. Its absorption qualities makes Mepore a suitable dressing for the treatment of low to moderately exuding wounds such as surgical incisions, minor burns, cuts and abrasions.

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Product Description: Discover Mepore® Absorbent Dressings, the ideal choice for gentle, secure, and long-lasting wound care. These self-adhesive dressings are designed for optimal absorption and are suitable for the treatment of a variety of wounds, including surgical incisions, minor burns, cuts, and abrasions. With their unique properties, Mepore® dressings offer a reliable solution for low- to moderately exuding wounds.

Brand: Mepore®

Type: Self-Adhesive Absorbent Dressing

Usage: Mepore® dressings are formulated to provide effective wound care for a range of low- to moderately exuding wounds. Their absorption qualities make them a suitable choice for treating wounds such as surgical incisions, minor burns, cuts, and abrasions.

Ingredients: Mepore® dressings incorporate advanced materials to ensure optimal absorption and gentle adherence to the skin, making them a versatile solution for various wound types.

•    Gentle Adherence: Mepore® dressings adhere securely while remaining gentle on the skin, reducing discomfort during dressing changes.
•    Long-Lasting: These dressings offer long-lasting performance, reducing the frequency of dressing changes.
•    Optimal Absorption: Mepore® dressings excel in absorption, ensuring effective wound management.

Directions for Use:
•    Cleanse the wound area according to standard wound care procedures.
•    Select the appropriate size of Mepore® dressing to cover the wound, ensuring it extends slightly beyond the wound edges.
•    Apply the dressing directly to the wound, ensuring it adheres securely.
•    Change the dressing as needed based on the healthcare professional's recommendations or the level of exudate and wound condition.

Storage: Store Mepore® dressings in a cool, dry place, maintaining a temperature below 25°C. Keep the product in its original packaging to preserve its integrity and sterility.

Indications: This is a Self-adhesive sterile absorbent dressing intended for treating low to moderately exuding wounds.

Precautions: Care should be taken to ensure that Mepore is not applied under tension, to prevent shearing forces causing damage to the skin. This is particularly important when the dressing is applied over joints.

Mepore should not be applied to patients who are known to be sensitive to acrylic adhesives or to individuals who have very fragile or easily damaged skin.

Sterility is guaranteed unless the inner package is damaged or opened before use.

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