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Bob Cousy January 15, 2020

Scanpore Surgical Tape

My skin is highly allergic to dressing tapes but after using this scanpore surgical tape that my doctor suggested, it did not affect the skin and did not leave any residue of the adhesive on the skin.

Charles Barkley January 06, 2020

Blenderm Surgical Tape

I wash dishes at a restaurant and I used this blenderm tape when I got a cut on my finger. It really stopped the wound from getting wet at work and made the process of healing better.

Wayne Rollins December 30, 2019

Cliniplus Dressing

Whenever I get sore muscles or joint pain, I always use this light compression bandage. Cliniplus is made with knitted elastomer allowing little room for stretching.

Johnston Reid December 27, 2019

Clinilite Dressing

My wife injured her knee ligaments and needed complete rest so my neighbour suggested buying the clinilite light support bandage. It perfect for mild sprains and soft tissue injuries.

Denis Caniza December 21, 2019

Clinifast Bandage

My family doctor recently recommended me Clinifast bandage. It is perfect for retaining the dressing on a wound or wrapping around it without any hassle.

Dennis Rodman December 16, 2019

Cellona Dressing

I always use cellona bandage that is a very comforting padding layer. I use it under compression and casts to prevent the formation of pressure points and provides improved comfort.

Brendan Ryan December 10, 2019

Actiwrap Dressing

My daughter’s elbow was hurt and she felt very uncomfortable because no dressing seemed to stay on but with actiwrap, her wound stays covered and she feels much comfortable in moving around her shoulder.

Damien Duff December 02, 2019

Actifast Dressing

I was looking for a great tubular bandage for so long and finally my friend suggested me to use this Actifast 2-way retention bandage which is all that I have been looking for.

Actico-2c Dressing November 28, 2019

Actico-2c Dressing

I often get leg ulcers from allergies and a friend told me about the actico dressing that has a foam padding layer which comes in contact with the affected area and a compression layer which I find very comfortable. The pain is reduced since I have started using it.

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