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Lisa Bigood March 18, 2019

Actisorb Silver Dressings

It protected my wound from getting infected and removed the foul odour that helped in speeding the healing process.

Diane Bonson March 16, 2019

Granuflex Dressings

I fell off my bike and got my palm injured. It helped heal wound within a few days only.

Lorrain Edrew March 11, 2019

Granuflex Border Dressings

My skin is allergic and tends to get irritated easily by adhesive wound dressings, but I’m impressed to see the results of this dressing. The wound got healed fast without any skin irritation.

Michael Amirica March 08, 2019

Algivon Dressings

The algivon dressing helped heal my infected wound really quick. I’ll rate it 5 out of 5.

Simon Brown March 06, 2019

Activon Dressings

I must say that this dressing is really effective in wound healing within less time. The best thing about it is, it eliminates unpleasant odour from the wound.

Adrian Schuller March 04, 2019

Urgosorb Dressings

I really liked this dressing as it helped heal a heavily exuding wound on my arm in a short span of time.

George Lupas March 02, 2019

Urgoclean Dressings

My leg injured in an accident a few days ago and I was amazed to see how quickly this dressing had started healing that painful sloughy wound.

Tzu Fiore February 27, 2019

Hydrofilm Dressings

This dressing has really helped in quick healing of a dry wound on my hand.

Koko Jay February 26, 2019

Gypsona Plaster Dressings

I’m happy that I got this plaster dressing as it provides a required support to my fractured arm, saving me from excess discomfort and pain.

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