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David Justice September 17, 2019

Actilite Dressing

I recently scratched my elbow in the park and the actilite dressing that I got from Woundcare helped me keep it moisturised with manuka oil and honey and its light net dressing provides ample

Jim Parque September 09, 2019

Actiform Cool Dressing

My son got hurt while playing with his friends down at the quarry and the gel sheet technology of actiform cool dressing was a huge help in providing him relief from the pain. It has also not let his knee get stiff as it maintains some moisture on the skin.

Mike Bell August 31, 2019

Acticoar Dressing

The acticoat dressings from Woundcare are one of the highest-grossing supplies at my drugstore in Queens. It is very useful in treating domestic wounds of partial-thickness and healing burns.

Gary Sheffield August 26, 2019

Hydrocoll Dressings

This dressing made my work hours really comfortable since it is all easy-peasy.

Ryan Franklin August 22, 2019

Intrasite Conformable Dressings

Thumbs up for this awesome product. I am going to recommend to anyone who is going to need any dressing.

Jason Giambi August 20, 2019

Algivon Dressings

The most important thing which I liked about this dressing is that it is very light-weighted and you would not feel that something extra sticks to the wound.

Howie Clark August 17, 2019

Hydrosorb Dressings

This not only healed my wound completely, but also did not leave any mark on my skin.

Mason August 06, 2019

Bioclusive Plus Dressing

I like this bandage since it does not need any extra pins to hold it tightly. This makes it suitable for all age groups.

Mark Carreon July 31, 2019

C-View Dressings

The best thing about the bandage is that it is soft as well as very effective.

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