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Alison Wright January 04, 2019

Actisorb Dressing

This charcoal wound dressing cured my infected wounds within a short span of time. So, thanks a lot for this amazing product.

Kelly Jeffers December 08, 2018

Clinipore Surgical Tapes

I highly recommend this surgical tape as it extremely useful for securing dressing in the best possible manner.

Philip Ward December 03, 2018

Actico 2C Bandage

This bandage is awesome as it provides right amount compression for managing the leg ulcers.

Robert Liszewski November 29, 2018

Actilite dressing

My pressure ulcers get completely cured after applying this dressing and now I feel really good.

Alexander Clayton November 27, 2018

Adaptic Touch

This dressing cured my burn wounds within no time and keeping it was really easy.

Ayesha Mark November 20, 2018

Cutinova Hydro

I find this dressing to be really effective as it quickly absorbed the fluid in my wound and heal it very quickly.

Minoe Kellar November 05, 2018

Adaptic Touch Dressings

This wound dressing is soft, comfortable and highly beneficial for diabetic ulcers patients like me. I'll give it 5 out of 5.

Alice Williams October 30, 2018

Easifix Crinx

The best thing about this cotton bandage is that it is soft on skin and has superb absorption capability.

Bagby Gail October 26, 2018

Algosteril Dressings

Highly impressed with this wound dressing, after applying it, my wound got completely cured within few days.

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