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Carles Puyol November 15, 2019

Actico Dressing

My old father has chronic diabetes and he has a lot of ulcers on his feet and legs. He finds comfort when his feet are wrapped around with this bandage that provides light compression.

Corban Joseph November 11, 2019

Mepilex Border Dressing

I got hurt working at mu coffee shop the other day and a friend suggested I use the mepilex border dressing. Gotta say, this foamy dressing is very comfortable and controls all the exudate from the wound.

Goce Sedloski November 06, 2019

Alldress Dressing

My nephew fell down while playing and his knee wound started exuding pus and blood. Thank god for alldress dressing that could stop the exuding wound and protected him from germs and bacteria.

Igors Stepanovs October 31, 2019

Algosteril Dressing

The Algosteril dressing is very easy to use and feels smooth on the skin. I found it very comforting after I accidentally got hit from a dart at the club. It has calcium alginate fibres that make it all the more better.

Jeff Ulmer October 23, 2019

Algivon Dressing

As a carpenter, I often get pierced by slivers or wood chunks and so my pharmacist suggested that I use the Algivon dressing. It keeps the skin hydrated as it has honey which eases the wounds.

Tim Kerr October 17, 2019

Algisite Dressing

My stitches were getting infected so the doctor recommended me the algisite dressing. This dressing has a calcium alginate soft gel layer that is very absorbent once it comes into contact with the wound.

Jack Cust October 11, 2019

Advazorb Dressing

As a chef, I end up getting a lot of deep and superficial cuts and burns, sometimes even foot ache from constantly standing for hours. But the Advazorb dressings are perfect for treating these little cuts and abrasions and also treat leg ulcers formed by pressure.

Bart Miadich September 30, 2019

Adaptic Touch Dressing

Whenever I do a surgery, I make sure that I cover the wounds of my patients with Woundcare’s Adaptic touch, non-adherent wound contact layer silicone-mesh dressing.

Nook Logan September 26, 2019

Activon Dressing

On our way back from the Butterfly trail hike, I scratched myself with some wild shrubs and the activon dressing really helped in protecting the wound and trapped all the pus maladour from dripping out.

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