Cutimed Siltec B Dressings

Cutimed Siltec B Dressings is a polyurethane, bordered foam dressing with a silicone wound contact layer and high-quality film backing.

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Product Description: Cutimed Siltec B Dressings represent an advanced solution for wound care. These dressings are meticulously designed with a polyurethane construction, featuring a silicone wound contact layer and a high-quality film backing. This combination makes them highly effective in managing a wide range of wounds, creating an optimal environment for the healing process.

Brand: Cutimed

Type: Polyurethane Foam Dressing with Silicone Wound Contact Layer

Usage: Cutimed Siltec B Dressings are suitable for various wound management applications. They are particularly effective for wounds that require a gentle, non-adherent surface to minimise trauma during dressing changes. These dressings are ideal for use on wounds with moderate to heavy exudate and are designed to maintain a moist wound environment to support the healing process.

•    Silicone Wound Contact Layer: The silicone layer in these dressings minimises trauma during dressing changes by providing a non-adherent surface that does not stick to the wound.
•    Polyurethane Foam: The polyurethane foam layer effectively absorbs and retains wound exudate, helping to maintain a moist wound environment that supports the natural healing process.
•    High-Quality Film Backing: The dressings feature a durable and high-quality film backing that provides a barrier against external contaminants, maintaining a sterile environment.

Directions for Use:
•    Make sure the area around the wound is clean, clear of debris, and free of infection.
•    Based on the measurements of the wound, choose the right size of Cutimed Siltec B Dressing.
•    Once the dressing has been taken out of its sterile container, apply the silicone wound contact layer directly to the wound.
•    Using the proper secondary dressing or fixation technique, firmly anchor the dressing in place.
•    Observe the advice of the medical practitioner regarding the frequency of dressing changes and general wound care administration.

Storage: Store Cutimed Siltec B Dressings in a cool, dry place, below 25°C, and protect them from direct sunlight and moisture. Ensure the product remains sealed in its original packaging until use to maintain sterility.

Indications: Moderate to highly exuding wounds.

Precautions: Do not use if there is known hypersensitivity to any components of the dressing.

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