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Cutimed Sorbion Sachet S is a Superabsorbent dressing with Hydration Response Technology and can absorb and bind large quantities of fluid. It also reduces the bacterial load within the wound by drawing and binding free-floating bacteria. Can also be used under compression.

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Product Description: Cutimed Sorbion Sachet S is a superabsorbent dressing featuring Hydration Response Technology, designed to effectively absorb and bind large quantities of wound exudate. This dressing is exceptionally efficient in managing wound fluids and contributes to the reduction of bacterial load within the wound by attracting and binding free-floating bacteria. It is suitable for use under compression and plays a vital role in advanced wound care.

Brand: Cutimed

Type: Superabsorbent Wound Dressing with Hydration Response Technology

Usage: Cutimed Sorbion Sachet S is a high-performance wound dressing designed for managing wounds with a significant volume of exudate. Its superabsorbent properties make it ideal for effectively absorbing and retaining wound fluids. Additionally, its ability to reduce the bacterial load within the wound by binding free-floating bacteria is a crucial aspect of wound care. This dressing can also be used under compression bandages and offers versatile wound management solutions.

Ingredients: Cutimed Sorbion Sachet S consists of a superabsorbent core that incorporates specialised materials designed for efficient absorption and bacterial binding. For detailed ingredient information, please refer to the product's packaging or consult a healthcare professional.

•    Hydration Response Technology: This technology allows the dressing to actively respond to wound exudate by absorbing and binding it efficiently.
•    Bacterial Load Reduction: Cutimed Sorbion Sachet S contributes to reducing the bacterial load within the wound by drawing and binding free-floating bacteria.
•    Compatibility with Compression: The dressing can be effectively used under compression bandages for the management of complex wounds.

Indications: Cutimed Sorbion Sachet S is recommended for the management of wounds with high exudate levels, including but not limited to:
•    Venous leg ulcers
•    Pressure Ulcers
•    Diabetic foot ulcers
•    Surgical Wounds
•    Traumatic Wounds
•    Donor Sites

Directions for Use:
•    Ensure the wound area is clean, free from debris, and infection-free.
•    Select the appropriate size of Cutimed Sorbion Sachet S based on the wound's dimensions.
•    Apply the dressing directly to the wound, ensuring that it covers the entire exuding area.
•    Secure the dressing in place using an appropriate secondary dressing or fixation method.
•    Follow the healthcare professional's recommendations for dressing change frequency and overall wound care management.

Storage: Store Cutimed Sorbion Sachet S in a cool, dry place, maintaining a temperature below 25°C. Shield the dressings from direct sunlight and moisture. Ensure that the product remains sealed in its original packaging until use to preserve sterility.

•    When in doubt, seek advice from a medical practitioner regarding the proper application of wound dressings.
•    If the packaging is compromised or broken, do not use it.
•    Steer clear of contact with the mucous membranes and eyes.
•    Seek prompt medical assistance if there are any indications of infection or if the wound condition is getting worse.

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