Silver-Infused Dressings: At Wound-care, we offer a wide range of silver-infused dressings to effectively treat infected wounds. Upon contact with wound exudate, the silver is released and works to combat infection. Our selection includes foam dressings, hydrocolloids, alginates, and charcoal dressings, all with the added benefits of silver. These dressings can also be used in conjunction with compression therapy for maximum efficacy. Trust us to provide you with the best options for effective wound care.
Aquacel™  is a range of Dressings composed of Hydrofiber which absorbs wound fluid and becomes a soft gel. Aquacel™  Extra dressings has extra strength and greater absorbency than Aquacel. Both Aquacel and Aquacel Extra are available with impregnated Silver for use on infected wounds. Aquacel™ Ag+ Extra combines the strengths of Aquacel™ with new Ag+ technology which destroys wound Biofilm and kills infection causing bacteria.