Protease Modulating Dressings are a crucial component of effective wound care. They work by regulating the levels of proteases in wound exudate, which can slow down the healing process and damage newly formed tissue. These dressings physically remove, bind, or inactivate proteases to improve the healing process and promote healthy tissue growth. By controlling the levels of proteases in wounds, Protease Modulating Dressings can help speed up the healing process and improve outcomes for patients. They are an essential tool for healthcare professionals and an important part of the wound care treatment plan.
PROMOGRAN® Protease Modulating Matrix is comprised of a sterile,freeze dried composite of 45% oxidized regenerated cellulose (ORC) and 55% collagen.These dressings reduce the action of wound Proteases and thereby improving healing time.Promogran Prisma in addition contains silver providing protection against bacteria.