Zetuvit Sterile Dressings

Zetuvit® sterile dressing is a non-irritant highly absorbant dressing pad with a water repellant backing. The dressing itself is made up of a highly absorbent fluff filling, fluid dispersing tissue and a hydrophobic tissue backing which acts as a barrier to protect the wound from contamination. 

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Product Description: Zetuvit® Sterile Pads offer a non-irritant, highly absorbent solution for effective wound care. The sterile dressing pad features a water-repellent backing, ensuring optimal fluid management and protection for the wound.

Brand: Zetuvit®

Type: Sterile dressing pads

Usage: Zetuvit® Sterile Pads are designed for safe and sterile wound care, providing high absorbency and a protective barrier against contaminants.

Ingredients: The dressing comprises a highly absorbent fluff filling, fluid-dispersing tissue, and a hydrophobic tissue backing, creating a comprehensive and effective wound management solution.

•    High Absorbency: Zetuvit® Sterile Pads excel at absorbing wound exudate, promoting a moist wound environment conducive to healing.
•    Water-Repellent Backing: The sterile dressing's water-repellent backing acts as a barrier, safeguarding the wound from external contamination.
•    Sterile: ensures aseptic conditions during dressing changes, reducing the risk of infection.
•    Non-Irritant: Crafted to be gentle on the skin, Zetuvit® Sterile Pads enhance patient comfort during wound care.

Directions for Use:
•    Prepare the wound bed according to standard sterile wound care practices.
•    Open the sterile packaging and place Zetuvit® Sterile Pads over the wound, ensuring complete coverage.
•    Secure the dressing in place using appropriate sterile fixation methods.
•    Follow healthcare professionals recommendations for sterile dressing changes.

Zetuvit® Sterile Pads are indicated for sterile wound care scenarios where high absorbency and a protective barrier are essential for optimal healing.

Store Zetuvit® Sterile Pads in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight, to maintain their sterile integrity.

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