Velband 10cm x 4.5m Pack Size 1

Velband is a natural rayon fibre padding, highly absorbent, drawing moisture away from the skin. It has a unique 3 layer structure and is ideal for use in theatre where absorbent cushioning is required.

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Product Description: Velband is a premium natural rayon fibre padding designed to provide highly absorbent and moisture-wicking cushioning. With its unique 3-layer structure, Velband excels in scenarios where absorbent and comfortable padding is essential, making it an ideal choice for use in theatre settings.

Brand: Velband

Type: Natural Rayon Fibre Padding

Usage: Velband is specifically crafted for applications where superior absorbency and cushioning are paramount. Its suitability for use in theatre environments makes it an excellent choice for various medical procedures.

Ingredients: Velband is made from natural rayon fibre, ensuring a soft and comfortable texture. The composition is carefully selected to deliver optimal absorbency while effectively drawing moisture away from the skin.

•    Highly Absorbent: Velband's natural rayon fibre composition ensures high absorbency, making it effective in managing moisture.
•    Moisture-Wicking: The unique 3-layer structure aids in drawing moisture away from the skin, maintaining a dry and comfortable environment.
•    Ideal for Theatre Use: Designed to meet the demands of theatre settings where absorbent cushioning is crucial.

Indications: Velband is suitable for various medical procedures and applications in theatres where absorbent and moisture-wicking padding is required.

Directions for Use:
•    Unroll Velband to the desired length.
•    Apply the padding gently to the designated area, ensuring even coverage.
•    Secure it in place using appropriate medical tape or bandages.

Velband is suitable for use where bleeding may occur, reducing risk of pressure sores.

Store Velband in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight, to maintain its absorbent properties. Proper storage contributes to the product's effectiveness.

For external use only. Follow healthcare provider instructions for proper application. Discontinue use if irritation or discomfort occurs, and consult a healthcare professional. Keep it out of the reach of children.

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