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Urgoclean® Dressing is non-adherent hydro-desloughing absorbent dressing and rope.The dressing is composed of hydro-desloughing fibres with a high capacity to absorb exudate, drain and trap sloughy residues, combined with a soft-adherent TLC (technology lipido colloid) layer.Suitable for use on non-infected sloughy wounds.

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Product Description: Urgoclean® Dressing is a non-adherent hydro-desloughing absorbent dressing and rope designed to manage non-infected sloughy wounds effectively.

Brand: Urgoclean®

Type: Non-Adherent Hydro-Desloughing Dressing

•    Perfect for addressing non-infected sloughy wounds.
•    Effective for wounds exhibiting moderate to heavy exudate levels.

Ingredients: Not applicable

•    Hydro-desloughing fibres effectively absorb exudate and trap sloughy residues.
•    The soft-adherent TLC (Technology Lipido Colloid) layer ensures gentle wound management.

Directions for Use:
•    Clean the wound area with an appropriate cleanser.
•    Apply Urgoclean® dressing directly onto the wound bed, ensuring complete coverage.
•    Secure the dressing in place using suitable fixation methods.
•    Change the dressing as needed, depending on the level of exudate and the condition of the wound.

•    Store Urgoclean® Dress in a cool, dry place.
•    Keep away from direct sunlight and moisture.
•    Ensure the packaging remains intact until it is ready for use.

Expiry Date:
•    Please ensure to check the expiration date on the packaging prior to using the product.
•    Do not use expired Urgoclean® dressing, as it may be less effective.

Urgoclean Dressing is indicated to be used for all non-infected sloughy wounds.

Urgoclean Dressing has known sensitivity to any of the components of the dressing.

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