Tegaderm Diamond Dressings

Tegaderm Diamond Dressings is a waterproof dressing. Diamond Pattern Film Dressing consists of a thin film backing with a non-latex, hypoallergenic adhesive. The dressing is breathable, allowing good oxygen and moisture vapor exchange. It is waterproof and impermeable to liquids, bacteria and viruses.

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Diamond Pattern Film Dressing can be used to cover and protect catheter insertion sites and minor wounds. It can also be used as a secondary dressing, as a protective cover over at-risk skin, to secure devices to the skin and as a protective eye covering. Do not use the dressing as a replacement for sutures and other primary wound closure methods.


  • Stop any bleeding at the site before applying the dressing.
  • Do not stretch the dressing during application as tension can cause skin trauma.
  • Make sure the skin is clean, free of soap residue and lotion and allowed to dry thoroughly before applying the dressing to prevent skin irritation and to ensure good adhesion.
  • The dressing may be used on an infected site, only when under the care of a health care professional.
  • Antimicrobial ointments containing polyethylene glycols may compromise the strength of the Tegaderm™ Diamond Pattern Film Dressing.
  • Tegaderm Diamond Pattern Film Dressing should not be re-sterilized by gamma, E-beam or steam methods.
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