Promogran Prisma Dressings 123cm x 123cm Pack Size 10

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Product Description:
Introducing Promogran Prisma Dressings, a cutting-edge wound care solution available in a pack size of 10 (12.3cm x 12.3cm). This advanced dressing harnesses the power of oxidised regenerated cellulose (ORC) and collagen to create an optimal environment for wound healing.

Promogran Prisma, a leading brand in advanced wound care, is committed to delivering innovative solutions for effective and accelerated wound management.

Promogran Prisma Dressings are sterile, single-use dressings composed of a blend of oxidised regenerated cellulose (ORC) and collagen. This unique combination promotes a moist wound environment and supports the healing process.

Designed for a variety of wounds, including chronic and acute wounds, Promogran Prisma Dressings are suitable for use in hospitals, clinics, and home care settings. They are particularly effective for wounds such as diabetic ulcers, pressure sores, and surgical incisions.

Promogran Prisma Dressings are formulated with oxidised regenerated cellulose (ORC) and collagen, two key components that contribute to the dressing's advanced wound healing properties.

•    Sterile dressings measuring 12.3 cm by 12.3 cm
•    makes use of collagen and oxidised regenerated cellulose (ORC).
•    produces a moist, healing-friendly environment around the wound.
•    encourages the body's natural healing process.
•    Ten packs are available for convenience and economy.

Directions for Use:
•    Before putting the dressing on, make sure your hands are clean and dry.
•    Spread out the Promogran Prisma Dressing after opening the sterile container.
•    Make sure the wound is adequately covered by applying the dressing directly to it.
•    Using a suitable secondary dressing, firmly anchor the dressing.
•    When the absorbent capacity is achieved or as advised by a healthcare provider, change the dressing.

Indications: Promogran Prisma Dressings are indicated for use on wounds that would benefit from a moist wound environment, including chronic wounds and wounds with slow healing progression.

Storage: Store Promogran Prisma Dressings in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight. Ensure the packaging is intact before use. Follow the expiration date mentioned on the packaging for optimal efficacy.

Precautions: To preserve the integrity of the dressing, do not tug or stretch it while applying. If irritation or an allergic response develops, stop using the product and get medical advice. On dry or barely exuding wounds, do not apply.

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