Primapore Dressings

Primapore® is a conformable adhesive dressing consisting of a breathable non-woven top layer and a low adherent fixative layer with an absorbant pad. suitable for post-operative wounds, cuts, and lacerations.

Features and Benefits

  • Conformable-ensuring patient comfort and doesn't restrict movement
  • Highly absorbant Pad-Maximizing uptake of exudate and minimizing the risk of fluid strikethrough
  • Low Adherent Wound Contact Layer-Mimimal pain and trauma on dressing removal
  • Rounded corners-reduce risk of dressing lifting or snagging
  • Low allergy adhesive
  • Easy to apply
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Product Description: Experience superior wound care with Primapore® dressings, designed to provide effective and comfortable wound protection. Primapore® is a conformable adhesive dressing that combines a breathable, non-woven top layer with a low-adhesive fixative layer and an absorbent pad. These dressings are suitable for a wide range of applications, including post-operative wounds, cuts, and lacerations.

Brand: Primapore®

Type: Conformable Adhesive Dressing with Non-Woven Top Layer, Low Adherent Fixative Layer, and Absorbent Pad

Usage: Primapore® dressings are versatile and can be applied to post-operative wounds, cuts, and lacerations, providing an ideal balance of comfort and wound protection.

Ingredients: Primapore® dressings are constructed with advanced materials, including a breathable non-woven top layer, a low-adhesive fixative layer, and an absorbent pad, ensuring efficient and gentle wound care.

Directions for Use:
•    Cleanse the wound area according to standard wound care procedures.
•    Choose the appropriate size of Primapore® dressing to cover the wound, ensuring it extends slightly beyond the wound edges.
•    Apply the dressing directly to the wound, ensuring it adheres securely.
•    Change the dressing as needed based on the healthcare professional's recommendations or as required for wound condition and exudate management.

Storage: Store Primapore® dressings in a cool, dry place, maintaining a temperature below 25°C. Keep the product in its original packaging to preserve its integrity and sterility.

Indications: To dress post-operative wounds or cuts, lacerations, or sutured wounds.

•    Primapore® dressings should only be applied externally.
•    If you feel any unexpected side effects or pain, stop using the product and see a doctor.


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