Opsite Plus Dressings

Opsite® Plus is a transparent, waterproof adhesive film dressing with an absorbant pad.It offers the same features and benefits as Opsite® Post-Op dressings and suitable for use by patients moving from a hospital to a  primary care setting.

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Product Description: Opsite® Plus Dressings are your solution for advanced wound care. These transparent, waterproof adhesive film dressings feature an absorbent pad, combining the benefits of Opsite® Post-Op dressings. Opsite® Plus Dressings are suitable for a range of applications, including patients transitioning from a hospital to a primary care setting, offering superior wound protection and management.

Brand: Opsite®

Type: Transparent Waterproof Adhesive Film Dressing with an Absorbent Pad

Usage: Opsite® Plus Dressings are designed to provide optimal wound care for patients, especially those moving from a hospital environment to primary care. They offer superior wound protection and management, ensuring effective healing.

Ingredients: Opsite® Plus Dressings incorporate advanced materials that make them transparent, waterproof, and equipped with an absorbent pad for efficient wound care.

•    Transparent Design: Opsite® Plus dressings are transparent, allowing for easy monitoring of the wound without the need for dressing removal.
•    Waterproof: These dressings provide waterproof protection, keeping the wound area dry and preventing contamination.
•    Absorbent Pad: Opsite® Plus Dressings feature an absorbent pad for effective wound exudate management.
•    Suitable Transition: These dressings are ideal for patients transitioning from a hospital to a primary care setting, ensuring continuity of care.

Directions for Use:
•    Cleanse the wound area according to standard wound care procedures.
•    Choose the appropriate size of Opsite® Plus Dressing to cover the wound, ensuring it extends slightly beyond the wound edges.
•    Apply the dressing directly to the wound, ensuring it adheres securely.
•    Change the dressing as needed based on the healthcare professional's recommendations or as required for wound condition and exudate management.

Storage: Store Opsite® Plus Dressings in a cool, dry place, maintaining a temperature below 25°C. Keep the product in its original packaging to preserve its integrity and sterility.


Acute wounds such as cuts, lacerations, minor burns, and postoperative wounds.


•    Opposite® Plus Dressings should only be applied externally.
•    If you feel any unexpected side effects or pain, stop using the product and see a doctor.

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